Daily Archive: June 30, 2016


Detecting Money Laundering with Machine Learning

Trying to think of a practical, real world use of Machine Learning? Well, think about this: Bank and financial institutions have regulatory requirements to monitor account activity for money laundering activities. Regulators around the world take these monitoring and reporting requirements very seriously. However, the big challenge facing anti-money laundering...


Free Online Data Science Course

If free books on machine learning aren’t enough for you, Open Source Society University has a free online course on Data Science. Here’s a quick snapshot of the curriculum: Linear Algebra Single Variable Calculus Multivariable Calculus Python Probability and Statistics with R Introduction to Data Science Machine Learning Project Convex...


Free Books on Machine Learning and More

What better way to close out Machine Learning Month than with a list of free, open source books on Machine Learning and related topics like AI, statistics, data-mining and more? Joseph Misiti has compiled such a list and posted it to GitHub. To see the entire list, click the link....


Cortana Intelligence Competition Women’s Health Risk Assessment

Earlier this month, I recorded a video with the Cortana Intelligence Competition team about the Decoding Brainwaves competition. As Machine Learning Month draws to a close, I’m happy to share that there’s a new competition opening up regarding women’s health. This tutorial video below will help you get started.


Applying Deep Learning to Real-World Problems

Deep Learning is a new field of Machine Learning research. Its objective is to move Machine Learning closer to Artificial Intelligence. Jennifer Marsman talks to Sonja Knoll and take a deep dive into Deep Learning, as well as apply some real-world scenarios for you to experiment on your own.