Daily Archive: June 13, 2016


What’s Next for Artificial Intelligence?

You know that Machine Learning and AI has gone mainstream if the Wall Street Journal is writing about it. The newspaper collected the thoughts of the best minds in the business to get their perspective on the coming age of machines. What’s interesting is the perspectives each brings to the...


Creating a Basic Classification Experiment

Susan Ibach created the awesome video on how to create a workspace in Azure Machine Learning and now she follows up on that awesomesauce with Creating a Basic Classification Experiment. This video shows you how to upload data from a file into Azure ML studio, use it to create a...


Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning Studio

Machine Learning Month going strong at Day 13! Here’s a video by the Azure team that introduces the Azure Machine Learning Studio with a visual tour of the Azure Machine Learning studio workspaces and its collaboration features. Visit What is Azure Machine Learning Studio? to learn even more.