This AI Will Understand What You’re Doing and Why

Infi was created by a Tel-Aviv based startup that has spent the last 3 years.  infi’s algorithm analyzes information entered by  users and in addition, presents users with various questions, gathering more data about them.

“Big deal,” you may be thinking. Doesn’t Facebook do this?

Well, this is what sets infi apart.

From the article

With the data uploaded by users, infi will create the next generation of artificial intelligence based on a perfect synergy between human and machine. This virtual human will learn its user to the point it will duplicate their consciousness through advanced algorithms, AI systems, images, text and data processing. This avatar will become the digital reflection of the user’s own consciousness, holding a contextual understanding not just on what the user is doing, but why. This understanding will elevate the relationship between user and AI to the most personal level.

This was essentially the plot to Caprica, where a scientist recreated his dead daughter’s consciousness.  I’d say more, but spoilers. Smile

The amazing thing is that this is no longer science-fiction.  It, or rather elements of it, is happening right now.

Excited about Machine Learning yet?

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