Daily Archive: June 9, 2016


Science of Success on Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I love Twitter and I use it a lot. But, I do wonder if I’m using it effectively. Fortunately, Hubspot came up with this infographic. Please include attribution to hubspot.com with this graphic.


This AI Will Understand What You’re Doing and Why

Infi was created by a Tel-Aviv based startup that has spent the last 3 years.  infi’s algorithm analyzes information entered by  users and in addition, presents users with various questions, gathering more data about them. “Big deal,” you may be thinking. Doesn’t Facebook do this? Well, this is what sets...


Watch a Movie Written by an Algorithm

Ars Technica is hosting the online debut of Sunspring, a movie written by an written by a recurrent neural network called long short-term memory (LSTM). The AI calls itself Benjamin. (Good name BTW) The movie is bad, but still somewhat coherent and original, which makes it better than most Hollywood...


Easy IoT with the Tessel 2

In this episode of the Maker Show, Jeremy Foster introduces the Tessel 2, a cool little IoT device makes development really easy. You can write your app using JavaScript (or even TypeScript!).


Bing Predicts: Politics & Elections

As part of her ongoing series on Bing Predicts, Jennifer Marsman sits down with Gene Vaatveit to discuss the machine learning technology behind predicting elections, like the Scottish Referendum and the United States Presidential Election.