Monthly Archive: May 2016


Billboards of Silicon Valley

Few people will ever say that they enjoy driving in Silicon Valley, but I have a confession to make: I do. Is it because there’s so little traffic? No. Is it because of the billboards? Yes. Silicon Valley is one of the view places where you can geek out on...


Azure’s Open Source Journey

Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Azure CTO, explains what organizations around the globe are doing with open source technologies in Azure.


Using Voltage Regulators to Power your Projects

Now this seems like a great way to use those power supplies I’ve been reluctant to throw away. If you are like me, you have a box of old power supplies.  Those old “Wall Warts” and “Power Bricks” from electronics that have long since been sent to that big recycling...


What is the Microsoft Reactor?

Something interesting is always brewing at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco. FWTV checks it out.   Links: Microsoft Reactor website Microsoft Reactor on Twitter Kenny Spade on Twitter Frank’s World Frank La Vigne on Twitter


Gaza Sky Geeks

I caught up with Iliana Montauk at 1776 to talk about her work with Gaza Sky Geeks, the first startup accelerator in Gaza.   Gaza Sky Geeks website Gaza Sky Geeks on Twitter Iliana on Twitter


Media Capture Frames API and Kinect

Senior Program Manager Alex Turner demonstrates the new Media Capture Frames API that will be available as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer. This API will provide a unified way for desktop apps and UWP apps to access color, infrared, depth, and other frame-based data from the...


History of GPS Infographic

We use it everyday from finding the nearest place to get a latte to driving directions. How did something originally built for the military become such a key aspect of modern life? Check out this great infographic. [found via Evan Kirstel]


Fun with Facial Detection

Building on what Jennifer Marsman and Anna Roth talked about on FWTV on 9 yesterday, Mike Taulty and Andrew Spooner take a deeper look into the facial recognition APIs in the latest episode of Context.