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Blog Back Online

Yesterday, my blog engine .TEXT failed for no good reason.

All apologies for the outage.

This underscores the need to move off a defunct blog platform: no one supports .TEXT anymore (and really hasn’t since 2005).

I’m currently in the process of moving the site over to Orchard.

Last night, I put together an export utility to take all 3200+ posts from my blog and put it into BlogML, an XML based markup language for describing blog content.

There’s an Orchard module that imports BlogML files and, after some tweaks to the input XML file, I converted my blog content over.

So far, the only catch is the sheer volume of content I need to migrate.

The BlogML importer crashed repeatedly when I tried to bring in all 3200 at once, so I’ll give it another go tonight a few hundred at a time and see how that goes. Smile