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Elvis and Nixon

The Richard Nixon Presidential Library & Birthplace’s hottest selling items are coffee mugs and t-shirts with the photo below on them.

They even have a special exhibition opening this week.

From the article on MSNBC:

The free exhibit, which opened Monday and will run several months, includes the outfit Elvis wore (a black velvet overcoat, a gold-plated belt and black leather boots); Nixon’s outfit (a gray woolen suit, tie and size 11 1/2 black shoes); letters; and a World War II .45-caliber Colt revolver that Elvis gave to Nixon.

“The two of them together somehow is almost incomprehensible,” said Bud Krogh, Nixon’s former deputy counsel who set up the impromptu meeting that day 36 years ago. “The king of rock and the president of the United States shaking hands in the Oval Office doesn’t compute for a lot of people.”

IMAGE: President Nixon and Elvis Presley

The photo brings together two of the most recognized faces from the 1970’s America in a moment captured on film that was destined to be PhotoChopped.

That’s me (circa 1996) in between the President and the King.

At the time, I was a webmaster for a large retail store and, in order to launch, we needed scores of graphic artists.

I showed several of the graphic artists my Photoshop handwork and one of them asked me when the picture was taken.

I laughed and said “last night on the UFO.”

She said “Really?”

I said, no, and realized that she had no idea who the people in the picture were.